Painter, Professor, State Artist


Born in Uşak.


Entered Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts Painting Department.
He was educated by Halil Dikmen at Gallery and Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu at his studio.


Founded ‘’Abstractionist 7’s’’group.
Graduated from Master Painting Department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts.


Became an assistant at the Academy and assigned to art studios of
Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Cemal Tollu and Cevat Dereli


V. Tehran Biennial Chamber Kingdom 1st Award


“Young Artist of the Year Exhibition” Young Artists 1st Award


Selected as the “Young Artist of the Year”.

Carried out the presidency of Association of Contemporary Painters of
Turkey and in 1975, the presidency of Association of Visual Artists.


9th Alexandria Biennial Painting 2nd Award


Turkish Republic 50th Years Art-Sculpture Contest Ataturk and Republic Award


8th DYO Painting Contest Achievement Award


10th DYO Painting Contest Achievement Award


39th State Art-Sculpture Exhibition Achievement Award


Had been the Director of Istanbul Art and Sculpture Museum for 3.5 years.


Became a Professor in Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts.


43rd State Art-Sculpture Exhibition Achievement Award


Kirghizstan National Academy of Science and Art Founder Honorary Member Title


Balıkesir Devrim Erbil Museum of Contemporary Arts was opened.

Turkish Association of Journalists Sedat Simavi “Visual Arts” Award


Retired from Mimar Sinan University (ex. Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts)


Had been the Founder Deanship of Istanbul Dogus University, Faculty of Arts and Design.


Artbosphorus Contemporary Art Fair “Artist of the Year” Award

Yedi Renk Art Foundation “Day of the Master” Award


Devrim Erbil Art, Culture and Education foundation was established.


Gain reward of “Honor Award of Artist of the Year” by International Plastic Arts Foundation

Gain reward of “ Beyoglu Municipality “Outstanding Service Medal”

International Plastic Arts Assosciation ‘’ Artist Of The Year’’ Award


Honorary Artist of Istanbul Art Show Expo


Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Award

Selections of Museum Collections which contain His Works (overseas)

  • Ben And Abby Greg Foundation, Minnesota / USA
  • Banja Luka Umneticka Galeriya / Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts / Egypt
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts, Bucharest / Romania
  • National Museum of History, Tapei / Taiwan
  • Palacio National da Ajuda, Lisbon / Portugal
  • Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi / Georgia
  • Tirana National Museum, Tirana / Albania

Selections of Museum Collections which contain His Works (domestic)

  • Collection of National Library, Ankara
  • Art and Sculpture Museum, İstanbul-Ankara-İzmir
  • Selçuk Yaşar Museum Collection, İzmir
  • Presidential Palace, Ankara
  • Devrim Erbil Museum of Contemporary Arts, Balıkesir
  • İstanbul Modern, İstanbul
  • Eskişehir Modern Art Museum, Eskişehir
  • Erzurum Atatürk University Collection, Erzurum
  • Hacettepe University Collection, Ankara
Devrim Erbil opened hundreds of personal exhibitions both domestic and abroad while also participated in many mixed exhibitions. He was the director of exhibitions that promote Turkish art. (Alexandria, Belgrade, Sofia, Kuwait). He published many articles and gave lessons about art. He also made TV and radio speeches during his art life.
Devrim Erbil, Poet of the painting. Nature is his passion. The rhythm and motion of life always affects him. The repetitions, which are similar to each other but inconspicuous and the dilemmas lead him to question the reason for being.
Anatolia’s cultural heritage has always influence the his view. Inter-cultural relations and the common denominator of the line extending to the present day, “variations on life in Anatolia” series is the indispensable subject of a certain period of his art.
Istanbul the city where he lived for 60 years; it is extraordinary with its historical location and nature. Devrim Erbil is now paint Istanbul abstractions. Sometimes with a bird’s eye view, sometimes with a combination of the two aspects. Mostly by feeling the music and rhythm of the birds . Devrim Erbil wants to give a moment of happiness – a joy of life with his works. Like the words of poetry, he wants to add a moment of happiness to each other.
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